Unit 6


Our engagement models

We develop cutting edge web and mobile applications focused around 6 solutions domains, all of which drive customer engagement, and increase revenues.

Promotions, Rewards & Loyalty

Unit 6 develop and operate major promotion, reward and loyalty programmes for leading customer centric businesses.

Sports Games

Unit 6 deliver mass market sports online games that are played in real-time by more than 4 million consumers worldwide.


Our eCommerce platforms deliver a best in class customer experience, combined with real time reporting and analytics.

Social Marketing

Unit 6 are at the forefront of social media marketing solutions. We develop technology platforms which will leverage the huge power of social media.

Mobile Engagement Apps

At Unit6 we know that mobile is the most important channel for modern customer engagement programmes.

Customer Insight and CRM

Unit 6 provides Customer Data Analytics, CRM and digital campaign solutions built on the latest cloud technologies.