Unit 6


Mobile Development

Unit 6 delivers responsive web applications, native mobile apps and innovative mobile solutions. We utilise the best web and mobile technologies including React Native, Swift and Java to deliver compelling customer experiences across sports games, ecommerce and digital marketing. 


Our approach enables delivery of cross platform native mobile applications with no compromises in terms of performance and user experience, and with an 80% plus common codebase. This dramatically reduces both the development costs and ongoing support & maintenance costs for cross platform mobile apps. Our experienced mobile development team can take your idea or concept and rapidly progress through wireframe and visual design, prototype and MVP development.

We leverage the latest web and mobile development technologies including Angular 2, React, React Native, Swift and Java to rapidly develop and deploy compelling mobile solutions. We also deliver robust and scalable backend services and APIs. 

Our pragmatic application of Agile principles and practices ensures deep engagement and close collaboration with our clients, and that we always deliver maximum business value.