Unit 6


Data Analytics

Unit 6 delivers ‘big data’ ingestion, analytics and data visualisation solutions to support sports games, ecommerce and digital marketing.  Our ‘agile data services’ approach leverages the AWS Cloud platform to enable rapid development and cost effective operation of data analytics and AI solutions.


Our ‘agile data services’ approach enables rapid prototyping and MVP development for data analytics and AI solutions delivering immediate ROI. Our experience ranges from real time match scoring and player stats, to sophisticated personalisation and targeting using our web analytics and eCommerce datasets. We leverage the latest cloud data technologies including AWS Redshift/S3, Athena, Kinesis and Quicksight.

We also develop custom Python functions and configure Python data science libraries to build flexible ‘big data’ ingestion, analytics and data visualisation solutions.

Historically data analytics has required large upfront investment in heavyweight infrastructure and proprietary software applications. Cloud data services have completely changed the game enabling rapid implementation and ‘Scale As You Go’ and Pay As You Go’ solutions.

We apply the same Agile principles and practices to data analytics development ensuring deep engagement and close collaboration with our clients, and rapid delivery of value adding data solutions.