Unit 6


Our Expertise

Unit 6 delivers modern web applications, mobile apps and innovative digital solutions. We design, develop and grow compelling customer experiences across sports games, ecommerce and digital marketing to drive engagement and revenues.

UX Design

Unit 6 designs intuitive and engaging user experiences across web and mobile applications, as well as multi-channel digital solutions.

Web Development

Unit 6 delivers progressive web applications, mobile apps and innovative digital solutions.

Mobile Development

Our approach to developing native mobile apps is a ‘game changer’ in terms of delivery cost and user experience.

Data Analytics

Our ‘agile data services’ approach enables rapid development and cost effective operation of data analytics solutions.

DevOps, Operations and Infrastructure

Unit 6 provides end to end development, deployment, hosting infrastructure and operations services.

Digital Innovation

Driving customer engagement through innovative, multi-channel digital solutions.

Technologies we use