Unit 6

Our Approach


Unit 6 are a group of passionate, pragmatic and professional technology experts. Our team of designers, web and mobile developers, data and operations professionals thrive on leveraging the best technologies to deliver customer solutions, and ultimately drive engagement, revenues, profit and ROI.

Photo of Peter Sakal
Peter Sakal
Photo of John Price
John Price
GFM Group Head of Commercial
Photo of Warren Tudor
Warren Tudor
Chief Technology Officer
Photo of Noel Murphy
Noel Murphy
Head of IT and Operations
Photo of Rob McLaughlin
Rob McLaughlin
Project manager
Photo of Dan Cross
Dan Cross
Design Lead
Photo of Cerven Cotter
Cerven Cotter
UX, Web and Mobile Development Lead
Photo of Ray Carter
Ray Carter
Back End Development Lead
Photo of Abby Wilson
Abby Wilson
QA and Test Automation Lead
Photo of Liam Barrett
Liam Barrett
GFM Group Marketing manager
Photo of Jason Lane
Jason Lane
Account manager
Photo of Tom Fairless
Tom Fairless
Account manager