Unit 6


Agile is in our DNA

We live and breath the 7 Principles of Agile:

1. Frequent Delivery 

Frequent delivery of working, tested code to real users

2. Reflective Improvement

Teams continuously reviewing and improving processes, techniques and tools

3. Osmotic Communication

Information flowing seamlessly across co-located development teams. Using collaboration tools to enable similar virtual communication.

4. Personal Safety

Every member of the team should be able to speak without fear of ridicule or reprisal, whether it be a new idea, a concern or a problem they are encountering.

5. Focus

Knowing what to work on and being able to get on and do it. This suggests clear communication, prioritisation of requirements, and goal setting.

6. Clear ‘Line of Sight’

To both the Real Customer as well as easy access to expert users.

7. ‘Low Friction‘ Technical Environment

Automated tests, build and deployment management, frequent integration.