Unit 6

Our Approach

An insight into our processes


Business Value Proposition and Customer Journeys

Understanding the business value proposition, and the overall customer and user journeys required are the key first steps for any project. These artefacts provide the foundations for a successful project delivery.

Typically we can review the business value proposition and define the most critical customer and user Journeys within 1 to 2 workshops. Based on the output from these workshops we can define an outline scope, indicative timeline and cost estimates for the project. The investment of this small amount of time at the inception of the project will pay big dividends over the life of the delivery project and subsequent live service.


UX and Business Process Design

User Experience (UX) Design defines how an application works in the context of the specific user, their environment and the user’s journey. In parallel we define the key business processes to support back office functions and integration, fulfilment, 3rd party integrations and anything else required to deliver a seamless end to end customer experience.

Based on the user journeys, UX design and business processes we continue working with client stakeholders and domain experts to define the ‘wireframe’ screen designs for the application. This allows rapid design of the applications features and the user interface elements required. 

Our approach to UX and Business Process Design and subsequent Application Prototyping phase deliver intuitive and engaging user experiences across web and mobile applications.


Prototype Application

Unit 6 have created an approach to developing fully working prototypes for rich web applications and native mobile applications. This enables design and development of a prototype application within a short timeline and at low cost. Uniquely our approach delivers a fully functioning real application, not a ‘clickable mock up’ which can be quickly evolved into the production application without any ‘throw away’ code. This enables our clients to see and test the designed application, validate the customer journeys and workflows, and obtain valuable feedback from potential customers and real users. Clients can also demonstrate these prototypes to their board or investors to gain commitment and funding. Delivery commitments for the MVP Product development can be given with a high degree of confidence.


Agile and Lean Product/Software Development

Modern web applications have to deliver rich user experience on the desktop, as well as being fully responsive to function across a range of tablet and mobile devices. Our experienced web development team can take your idea or concept and rapidly progress through wireframe and visual design, prototype and MVP development. We leverage the latest web development technologies including Angular2, React, Python/Django, PHP and Java to rapidly develop and deploy robust and scalable applications. 

We are passionate about ‘lean product development’ principles, so we only develop what you need right now, but always build on solid architectural principles to enable scalability and resilience going forward. 

Our pragmatic application of Agile and Lean principles and practices ensures deep engagement and close collaboration with our clients, and that we always deliver maximum business value. 

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a key part of the agile delivery process. We build the quality into our software products. Multiple levels of automated tests are incorporated - unit tests, integration tests, and fully automated functional regression and load/performance testing dependent on the demands of the specific project and service.  


DevOps, Operations and Infrastructure 

Unit 6 provides end to end development, deployment, production hosting and operations services. We implement the most advanced DevOps and AWS Cloud Infrastructure technologies to ensure scalable, high availability services combined with the most cost effective commercial model for our clients.


Live Service Support 

We are experienced providing live service support to enterprise standards. High availability and autoscaling architectures and cloud infrastructure, plus comprehensive monitoring and alerting ensure that client’s services are available to their customers 24 x 7 x 365.